Account Reactivation

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Follow the steps below for inactive customer accounts. Customers can choose to either reactivate their account or create a new account.  

Note: Not all inactive accounts are able to be reactivated. 
  1. When prompted with the Reactivate Account screen, click Reactivate
If creating a new account refer to the section below...

2.An email to reset your password is sent to the provided email address. 

  • Click the link in the message to proceed with the password change.   
  • On the Change Password screen, enter a new password. 

3.Once the password is successfully changed, the Account Restricted message will display. Click Review Account to proceed.  

Note: The Account Restricted notification provides details describing the reasons Access Corrections requires the validation of account information prior to sending money.  

4.The Edit Account screen will open allowing the ability to Review or Edit existng account information to validate previously provided account information.  

  • Provided information must be valid to successfully update an account.  

 5.Click Update Account once information has been validated.

**For further assistance, refer to the Editing Your Account Information article with more details and recommendations on updating existing accounts.  

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