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Editing Your Account Information

To ensure consistent and accurate information is provided, certain fields may be limited to modifications, whereas, other fields are available for different reasons.   

  • Some fields are available at all times.  
  • Most account information fields are available for edit every 90 days.  
  • Phone information is available for edit every 30 days. (See Editing a Phone Number for details)

This policy has been implemented to help detected and prevent fraud and other financial crimes. Passwords can be reset whenever needed.  

**NOTE: The 90-day count begins after the initial creation of an account OR after the previously edited account. 


Editing Account Information Step By Step: 

 In an instance where an existing account needs updating, follow the steps below: 

  1. Log In using the existing account credentials. 
  2. Expand the arrow from the User Profile button. 
  3. Click Edit Account.  

 4. The Edit Account view displays. 

  •  An Edit Restriction banner informs viewers that edit restrictions do apply when editing an account.  
  • To Learn More, click the arrow (v) to view restriction details.  

5.Modify the account information fields enabled in the form. 

  • All fields in the Edit Account form are greyed out Except the Email Address and Password.
Note: Customers who have not yet made deposits will be able to able to edit other account information within the form. 
  • Customers can change email their email addresses once. Passwords can be changed at any time.
  •  If attempting to change an email address, there is a One-Time Change allowable.   
    • After clicking the email address field, the one-time change only message appears below the email address field. 
  • Updated email address will trigger a notification for verficiation. See the Email Verfication for details. 

 6. Once updates are complete, click Update Account.