Reactivating Your Account (New)

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If you have received a Reactivate Account notification, your account has become inactive. 

To reactive your account, follow the steps below - 

  1. Click REACTIVATE.  
  2. A Reactivate Account message will display with specific instructions.  

    1. Instructions advise to check the existing email to proceed.  
    2. A snack bar message will also display indicating that a message has been sent to the existing email address along with password rest instructions.  
  3. Verify that the Password Reset instructions are received via email.  
  4. Click the embedded link to reset the password. 
  5. The Change Password screen displays. 
  6. Enter a new password and then click CHANGE PASSWORD to submit the new password.  
  7. Once the password is changed, the Sign In screen displays. 

    • Login with your credential using the updated password.  

Create A New Account

As a result of an inactive account, it may be necessary to create a new account. 

  • If you need to create a new account, click the Create Account link.  
  • Notice message box displays that a new email address is required.  Click OK. 
  • Customer is directed to the Create Account page to enter and complete Personal Billing. 
  • Please refer to the related articles for creating a new cccount details.  

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