Invalid Address Error

1 min. readlast update: 04.25.2024

When entering your billing address, you could receive an "Address is Invalid" error. 

This means your address is not recognized as a valid US Postal address and a valid address will need to be entered to proceed. 

The account billing address must pass verification to complete a new account or when editing an account.  

To ensure you are entering a valid address:

  1. Review and correct the information in the Address field.  
  2. When entering your address, the auto-search will begin to populate results that match the information. 

  3. Once an address is selected, a Suggested Address screen may appear with a suggested registed address that best matches the entry.  

  4. Select the suggested address and click CONTINUE

NOTE: The Billing Address must match the address on the credit card being used during the transaction.  


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