Editing Your Account (New)

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When editing your account, please be sure to provide accurate information.  Be advised that certain fields may be limited to modifications.  

Editing Policy:  

  • Account Information fields are available for edit every 90 days
  • Phone numbers are available for edit every 30 days
  • Password can be reset when needed.  

**This Policy has been implemented to help detect and prevent fraud and other finacial crimes.** 

To edit your account: 

  • Select Account Information from the My Account dashboard.  
  • Acknowledge the Account Security notificarion, which explains the policy for modifications.  

Editing Personal Information 

  • The Edit Account screen displays presenting the Personal Informarion form.
    • Make edits to the Name, Date of Birth, Phone or Email fields as needed.  
    • If Email verification is required, be sure to check your email for the verification link.  
      • Make sure to check your spam/junk folders as well. 
    • Once edits are complete, click NEXT

Edit the Billing Address

  • The Billing Address form will then display. 

    • Verify the billing address for accuracy. 
      NOTE: The Billing address must match the address on the credit card being used during transactions. 
    • Once the address is confirmed to be accurate, click DONE.  

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