Duplicate Deposit

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Our system detects if a duplicate deposit was recently submitted within a 30-minute period and notifies you with a "Warning" before allowing you to continue with the 2nd transaction.

Duplicate Deposits are Non-Refundable

By clicking Continue you are agreeing that this next transaction will not be refundable. Please check the information carefully before continuing.  

  • Review the details in the notification pop-up to verify the information, including:  
    • Recipient’s Name  
    • Amount of money (previously deposited)  
    • Time of previous transaction   
If you believe a duplicate deposit was made due to a processing error with our system, please contact customerservice@accesscorrections.com or call toll-free at 636-888-7004 to open a ticket with our Technical Support team for further investigation.
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