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Credit Card Errors

Below are a variety of reasons you might receive an error while processing your transaction.

Card Pre-Authorization Failed

Card pre-authorization failure is not always immediately known. During a transaction, the bank approves the charge and removes the funds from your available balance for Access Corrections (the vendor) to collect, but due to the error we cannot collect the funds. 


 Note: This message may also apply to address validation failures as well.  

  • The Billing Address associated with your Access Corrections account MUST Match the address on the credit card being used.  
  • All cards (including gift cards) must be registered to your address for security purposes. 
Declined Card or Insufficient Funds

For any reason during a transaction, a card may be declined due to insufficient funds to cover a payment. In this situation the following error message will display. Please contact your card company to check your available balance. 

Address Validation Failure

The billing address associated with your Access Corrections account must match the address on the card being used. All cards (including gift cards) must be registered to your address for security purposes.  

Note: See the Card Pre-Authorization Failed section above for details.  

Invalid Card

There might be a problem with the information entered for the card. Double-check the credit card number, expiration date, and CVV. If you haven't already, also ensure that the card has been activated.  

  • If a bad CVV is entered, the following message will display.  
  • If a bad CVV is entered incorrectly three (3) times in a row, the following message will display. 
Card Type Not Accepted
  • We Do Not accept cards that don't have the Visa or MasterCard logos nor any cards that will experience valid security code issues in the United States.  
    • If an invalid credit card is used, an error message "Invalid Credit Card Number" will display.  
    • The error message will also display the Visa and Mastercard logos, showing what is accepted to proceed. 
  • We also Do Not accept Government issued cards (i.e. Child Support Cards, EBT Cards) and cannot process certain card types that do not allow cashadvance (i.e. Cash App and Chime cards).
Expired Card

If an expired card is used during a trasaction, the date fields will highlight, displaying a "Card has expired" error message.  

Special Payment Methods (Bit Coin)

Currently Access Corrections does not accept Bit Coin as a transaction option for sending money. 

Pre-Paid Card Failure

If the card is prepaid, a pre-authorization hold can take up to 30 days to fall off, but is normally about 14 days. The bank gives vendors 3-5 business days to accept approved transactions. If the funds are not collected by the vendor in that time frame they release the funds back to your account balance. 

Maximums and Limits

There are a few instances where you may experience maximums reached or limits which may prevenent you from completing a transaction using a card - 

Maximum Number of Transactions Reached

If you have reached a limit for number of transactions submitted using your card, the following message below will display. 


Maximum Limit (Amount) Reached 

Some agencies limit transactions by dollar amount allowed in a given time period. (Example - $300 can be deposited every 14 days)  


Single Card Limit

If a card has reached the maximum amount that can be deposited using a single card, the error message below will be presented.  


Daily Card Limits

Wait a full 24 hours from the last deposit placed to add more funds. If attempting to submit another transaction within this time period, the message shown below will be presented.   


Recipient Maximum Reached 

Wait a full 24 hours from the last deposit placed to add more funds. If a recipient has reached the maximum limit with this time period, the message shown below will be presented.  


Additional Limit Errors

Some additional limit instanaces may occur that can prevent credit card usage during a transaction. 

  • Limit by Sender. Some agencies limit the number of transactions per sender. Please contact the agency for further information. 
  • Limit by Credit Card Number. Some agencies are able to send $300 every seven (7) days per card. Please contact the agency for further information.