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Create/Update Account Error

Error Message "The email is already in use..."


This means that you already have an account created. Reset your password in order to login with your email that's associated with an existing account.


Error Message "The information provided could not be verified..."


This means that something about the information provided could not be verified.  

Solution: Check that you have entered your information to meet these requirements...

  1. Full Legal name
  2. A valid US based landline or cellphone (non-internet call), that can be validated
  3. A valid physical address recognized by United States Postal Service, including apartment/unit numbers and zip code
  4. Complete and accurate date of birth
  5. A valid email address
It is important that ALL information is completed fully and accurately.   

Note: We currently do not accept online or phone payments from U.S. Territories. Please use Mail Order Deposits to send money if from those locations.   

** Money Order options only apply to participating locations.