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Accurate information is require before a deposit can be made.  

If the following message is received, your information did not meet validation requirements.  

This is due to inaccurate information saved on your account.  You will need to verify that your account has the following:  

  • Full Legal Name
  • A valid Phone Number (Landline or Cell Phone Number that can be verified)  
    • Disposable phone numbers, voice over IP/internet-based calls are not allowed
  • A valid address that is registered with the United States Postal Service 
    • If address is invalid, please review the recommended suggested address
  • An accurate date of birth
  • A valid email address
    • Non-disposable or temporary email address are not allowed

Verify Account Information

  • Review the message details. Click Ok
  • From the My Account screen select Account Info to review the information needing verification. 
  • Acknowledge the Account Security warning that account information may not be editable. Click OK

Important To Know: The purpose of Account Security is to ensure the security of  information in the event the account holder needs to update account information. 

  • Verify that all information highlighted in the Account Security notification is accurate.  
    • Review required information listed above.  

Review the Account Information for Accuracy 

  • Verify your Personal Information. Make edits where applicable.  
  • Click NEXT
  • Verify the Billing Information for accuracy. 

    NOTE: The address must match the address on the credit card.  
  • When finished, click DONE.   
  • After completing the verification, you are returned to the Dashboard.  


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