Stored Credit Cards

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When completing a deposit or payment transaction in AC.Com, customers are able to use and now store credit cards for future transactions.  

Good To Know
  • Customer credit cards are not actually stored in the system but instead, they are processed through a hashed credit card used by Access Corrections with a unique identifier, linking to customer card information.  
  • Customers are able store as many credit cards as desired, as there is no set limit.


Saving Credit Cards Step-By-Step:

  1. Enter the credit card in the appropriate fields, including:  
  • Valid Credit Card Number 
  • Expiration Date 
  • Card CVV Number 

 2. If desired, select the Save this card for later checkbox to store credit card information for future deposits. 

Credit Card Rules
  • The CVV must match the number on the credit card.
  •  If a CVV is entered incorrectly three (3) times, the saved card will be deleted.
  • If a credit card is under review (or perceived to be fraudulent), the credit card will not be saved.

3.Click Pay Now (green button).     

  • Notification that the card was successfully saved and processed. 
  • Notification of unsuccessful transaction. 


Accessing Stored Credit Cards

After successfully storing credit card information, customers are able to select saved credit card information for future transactions.  

  1. Expand the Select Card drop-down menu to select a saved credit card.
  1. The selected card details populate in the credit card fields, except for the CVV.
  1. Enter the matching CVV in the Card CVV field.
  • Click Add a New Card, to use a new card as desired.  
  • Click Delete to remove any previously saved cards.  

 4.Click Pay Now

  • If the CVV does not match the stored credit card when processing, the following error will display.
  • Once the CVV is entered incorrectly three (3) times, the stored card is removed from the Card Select options and the system. 


Stored Credit Card Unavailability

It is important for customers to understand that not all agencies make the stored credit card usage available. This is due to applied payment risks set by that agency.  

  • Agencies without the stored credit card usage option available will display the following message from the Pay page – 
  • The Card Information section displays as usual. However, notice that credit card storage options are not available.  
    • There is no drop for previously saved cards.  
    • There is no check box to store a new credit card.


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