Stored Credit Cards

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During a deposit or payment transaction, you are able to store your credit card information for future transactions.  

What You Should Know: 

  • Credit Cards are not actually stored in the system but instead process through a hashed credit card used by Access Corrections using a unique identifier that links to the customer information. 
  • You are able to store as many credit cards as desired.  There is no set limit.  
  • Some credit cards may incur additional charges that may need to be addressed with the cardholder. 
  • Accepted Credit Cards Types: Mastercard and Visa.  Chime, Apple Pay or similar cards are NOT allowable.  

NOTE:  There are some instances where the option to save a credit card is not allowable. 

How To Save A Credit Card:

  • Enter the credit card information - Card Number, Expiration Date, and Card CVV Number. 
  • Select the Save this card for later checkbox to save the credit card being used for future deposits. 
    • The CVV must match the number on the credit card.  
    • If a CVV is entered incorrectly three (3) times, the saved card will be deleted. 
    • If a credit is under review (or perveived to be fraudulent), the credit card will not be saved. 
  • Click Pay Now


Using A Stored Credit Card

Once a credit card or multiple credit card are saved, select your saved card to complete a transaction.  

  • Click the drop-down menu to select a saved credit card.
  • Once a credit card is selected, the details of that credit card will appear in the Card Information fields.  
    • Enter the CVV Number in the CVV field.  

  • After selecting the preferred card, click PAY NOW to complete the transaction.

Expired Credit Card

If a stored credit card has expired, the Expiration Date details will present an "Expired" error -  displaying the Month and Year in red text.  

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