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To ensure we can keep our handling charges as low as possible, as well as preventing fraudulent and illegal activity, we use sophisticated systems to review each transaction. This sometimes results in a 'Phone Verification' request.  

You will be required to verify your phone number by clicking the "Call Me" or "Text Me" button and enter the code received. 

This helps us confirm your identity and secure your account.


Phone Verification Step by Step:

After selecting an agency and recipient, the Phone Verification screen opens. Customers using Access Corrections (AC.Com) are required to verify the phone number from their profiles. This is to help prevent fraudulent transactions from entering the system. 

When prompted with the Phone Verification pop-up: 

  • Click Call Me t or Text Me to confirm the phone number displayed. 

Note: This notification gives the viewer an opportunity to review the phone number entered in the profile and make changes as needed. Click Edit at any time to change a phone number.
  • The system will attempt to locate the phone number.
  •  If successful, the system’s automated voice message or text system will issue a four-digit verification code. 
  • Enter the verification code in the available field and then click Submit
Note: After a successful verification, the phone number will not need verification again until the phone number is changed.
  • If an improper code is entered, the following mesage will appear. 
  • If an incorrect verification code has reached the maximum of three (3) attempts, the phone verification alert message shown below will display.
  • If the attemtps to input the code was not entered within the 3 minute time frame, the alert message shown below will display.  
  • If a phone number is not verified, the following message will appear.
  • Click Edit to update the profile phone number.
  • Once the phone verification process is complete, proceed with making a transaction. 

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