Phone Number Restriction

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Phone Number Restrictions have been put in place to prevent the use of one phone number across multiple accounts. A phone number can only be used once within our system. 

When a phone number is already in use, the following notification will appear when an attempt is made to edit an account or create an account: 

“The phone number is already in use. Please use a different phone number.”

Restriction Purpose:

  • Eliminate the number of fraudulent accounts all using the same phone number. 
  • Reduce the number of transactions resulting in chargebacks.    

Recommended steps for User:

  • Login to the existing account with the phone number already in use and make the appropriate updates to that original account.
  • If you do not remember your password for the existing account, refer to Resetting your password for assistance. 
  • If for any reason the phone number used is not accepted, use a different valid U.S. based phone number.
  • If the phone number cannot be updated due to the 30-day edit restriction, you must allow for the time period to expire, before an update to the phone number can be made. 
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