Payment Kiosk Locations

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Payment Kiosk Locations allows users to search and find the nearest transaction kiosks.   



  • Marks the location of Lobby Kiosks Only.
  • Ability to Get Directions based on current location. 
  • Ability to search and filter agency names. 
  • Ability to do custom address searches.
  • Ability to mileage based on current location. 
  • Use the Zoom In/Out (+/-) button to zoom in to the State and City of the location of interest. 
  • Ability to click on a map marker and it display at the top of the list view.   


Payment Kiosk Locations Step By Step: 

  • Select Payment Kiosk Locations on from the naviagtion menu. 
  • Opens to Google Maps view.  


Locate a kiosk using one of two methods - Location Map Location Map or Location Search.

Location Map

  •  If using the location map, click the Zoom In (+) button for a specific location.   
  • Select a location balloon (or tag) on the map to display address details.  


  • Select more than one address location as desired.

Location Search

  • If searching via location details, enter the Street Address, City or Zip Code in the search field.   


  • There may be multiple matches for a City or Zip Code.  
    • Matches, showing address details will display immediately below the search as well on the google map. 
    • Number indicators next to the facility name highlight the number of kiosks available at a facility. 

Get Directions

For directions, click Get Directions.


 Agency Search

If searching an agency, enter agency name details in the search field.  

  • Search results will match filter in the preview column as well as on the map. 
  • Agency details appear with agency address as well as mileage details based on your current location.  


  • Click on the map balloon (or tag) to display selection at the top of the search result list. 
  • Click Zoom In (+) for a closer map view of the desired location.   
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