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Creating an Account

Before you can send money, you must create an account.


WATCH VIDEO: "How to Create an Account

Or follow these Quick Steps:

  1. Click the 'Create Account' button from the top menu.
  2. Provide full legal name.
  3. Valid physical address recognized by United States Postal Service.
  4. The billing address must match the address associated with the credit card you plan to use.
  5. A valid US based landline or cellphone (non-internet call) number is required and may require verification. 
  6. Complete and accurate date of birth.
  7. A valid email is required and must be verified.
  8. A strong password is required to protect your account Follow the 'Password Rule' validation carefully
Your email can only be changed once, so make sure a valid email is provided

Make sure all required fields are completed accurately or you will be unable to submit the form. The submit form button will say 'Missing Required Info' until all required fields are completed. 

By law, Access Corrections is required to collect certain information from each customer before a transaction can be processed. Please be sure your Access Corrections account is updated with your most current information.

Still having Issues: See related articles (Account Restricted, Create/Update Account Error)

Note: We currently do not accept online or phone payments from U.S. Territories. Please use Mail Order Deposits to send money if from those locations.   

** Money Order options only apply to participating locations.