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Creating an Account

Before you can send money, an account must be created.

Click the Play icon or the link below to watch the video -  


WATCH VIDEO: "How to Create an Account

Quick Steps:

  • Click the Create Account button from the top menu.
  • From the Create Account screen, are required to provide the following information: 
    • Full legal name. 
    • Enter a valid address recognized by United States Postal Service.
    • The billing address must match the address associated with the credit card you plan to use.
    • A valid US based landline or cellphone (non-internet call) number is required and may require verification. 
    • Complete and accurate date of birth. 

Email and Password

  • A valid email is required and must be verified.
  • A strong password is required to protect your account. Follow the 'Password Rule' validation carefully.
Note: Your email can only be changed once, so make sure a valid email is provided.

Data Completion:

  • Make sure all required fields are completed accurately or you will be unable to submit the form.  
  • The submit form button will say 'Missing Required Info' until all required fields are completed. 
By law, Access Corrections is required to collect certain information from each customer before a transaction can be processed. Please be sure your Access Corrections account is updated with your most current information.

Still having Issues?

See related articles (Account Restricted, Create/Update Account Error)

Note: We currently do not accept online or phone payments from U.S. Territories. Please use Mail Order Deposits to send money if from those locations.   

** Money Order options only apply to participating locations.