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Before you can send money, a valid account MUST be created. All information must be verified and approved in order to initiate a transaction.  

  • Click the menu icon to expand the application options. 
  • Select CREATE ACCOUNT from the menu options.
  • The CREATE ACCOUNT screen displays.  Complete the Personal Information form in entirety.  

    • Enter the details for each field - First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Phone and Email
    • Select the User Agreement and Terms and Conditions checkbox. 
    • Click NEXT.

      NOTE: Do NOT use an email address already in use or an invalid phone number.  

Billing Address

  • Complete the Billing Address form. 
  • Complete each field - Address, City, State and Zip Code
  • When entering the address, the system will begin to present search results for registered address matches.  
  • Once the address is entered, the system may present the Postal address that best fits the entry.  Select the suggested address and then click CONTINUE.  
  • Once the Billing Information form is complete, click NEXT.  

Note: Please be sure that the address entered  for your account matches the address on the credit card that will be used for transactions.  

Create Your Password

  • Next, the Create Password screen will display.  
    • Create a password for the account. 
    • Refer to the Password Rules to ensure that a secure password for the new account is set. 
  • Once the password meets approval, click DONE

Account Validation

  • Once all the information is complete, a Validation Email Sent notification displays with instructions to check your email to verify the account. 

    NOTE: The link sent to the provided email address will expire after 60 minutes from the time it is delivered.  
  • VERIFICATION IS REQUIRED. if attempting to log into the account without verifying the email address, a Verification Required notification will appear. 

    • You may not be able to send money until the email address is verified. 
    • Please check Spam/Junk folders for email verification link. 
  • Once verification is complete, the account becomes active. 

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