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Address Validation

To ensure we can keep our handling charges as low as possible, as well as preventing fraudulent and illegal activity, we require you to provide a "Valid Address".  

If you feel the address you provided was correct, and still receive an invalid address error, please try the following steps:

  1. Make sure you don't have any typos
  2. Make sure all required fields are filled in 
  3. If you have an apartment number or suite, make sure that is entered
  4. Make sure you address is registered with the USPS (United State Postal Service), by contacting your local USPS - Office Look up)
  5. Look up your address to see the USPS valid format
  6. Input your address at SmartyStreets here to see what errors need to be corrected


Billing and Address Verification  

Address and Billing information for the customer account must match the credit card being used for transactions. All fields with an asterisk (*) must be complete. Postal verification ensures that customers are entering an actual address when creating an account.  

When creating an account: 

  1. Enter the First, Middle and Last Names in the appropriate fields.
  • Users are required to complete the Middle Name field. If no middle name, the user can mark the select the โ€œCheck if no middle nameโ€ check box to proceed
  1. Enter the postal address in the provided fields.
    1. Auto-complete begins to match the characters entered into the address fields.

 b. If recognized, select the address. Verify the City and State fields for accuracy.  

NOTE: Be sure to verify the City and State when selecting an address, as address numbers and street names can correspond to valid addresses in other locations.   
  1. Verify the Zip Code
 NOTE: If unable to validate an address or Zip Code, the following text will appear below the Billing Information form. 

 d. If an address appears in the system differently than shown in the field, a Suggested Address pop-up will display.           


Enter a valid Phone Number and Date of Birth or use the Calendar (icon), as desired.